I was interested in meditation and spirituality as a teenager.  After graduating Clifton High School in New Jersey I attended the University of Hartford where I was initiated into transcendental meditation.  I continued my studies at the University of New Mexico focusing on comparative religion and Hatha yoga. This included Chinese Philosophy, Zen Buddism, Indian Philosophy and Native American cultural studies.  After returning to New Jersey I continued my under graduate education at New Jersey State University completing a bachelors degree in special education.

My interest in yoga continued and I met Yogi Amrit Desai, master of shaktipat kundalini yoga. This yoga tradition focuses on the energetic aspect of yoga. The yogi is able to transfer shakti or spiritual energy to others.

While practicing this energetic “free flowing” form of yoga known as kripalu yoga I was introduced to massage therapy at the kripalu center for yoga and health. This bodywork technique focuses on conscious breathing techniques, body mechanics, awareness; the end result is an intuitive flowing form of massage therapy. I always aim to incorporate these techniques into the massage session.

I graduated from the Somerset School of Massage Therapy in New Jersey and currently continue my post graduate studies at the Florida School of Massage in Gainesville, Florida. I am focusing on assisted muscle stretching, slower muscle release techniques, therapeutic use of essential oils and incorporating various breath techniques into the therapeutic massage.

Swedish, deep tissue, therapeutic use of heated stones, assisted muscle stretching and various other modalities are “blended” together depending on the needs of each particular client.

I have a variety of clients which include but are not limited to the following: sports massage, spinal chord injuries, narapathy, fibromyalgia, stroke, anuerism, trigger point work and assisted muscle stretching to increase range of motion and mobility. I am able to adapt and personalize each session depending on the needs of each particular client.

I offer various options to my clients. I have a massage studio in Silver Springs Shores,Mammana Chiropractic in Ocala, Top Nails in Ocala. In addition I have a mobile service and I am able to travel to your residence, hotel, place of business or event.

Lastly, I specialize in therapeutic massage for those with special needs and I have clients at the Windsor of Ocala and Life Care of Ocala.

Stuart Feinman, Licensed Massage Therapist, travels to your Home, your Office or Hotel Suite, etc. to provide you or your group with on-site, professional massage therapy. This assures you will receive your massage services in the comfort and quiet of your own space. If you prefer a studio, you can make an appointment and we can make an appointment to meet at 1 of 3 convenient massage facilities in Ocala and Summerfield, FL.

The only thing you have to do is call or email Stuart and schedule an appointment. With over 565 hours of training, Stuart’s strongest asset is his many years of experience and professionalism. Extensive references are available.

For a list of the specialized services offered, click on: Therapeutic Services.


Contact Stuart Feinman, LMT: 352-812-3853 or snfeinman@gmail.com

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“Your Body and Your Mind will thank you”

State of Florida
Licensed Massage Therapist

MA 49878

Insurance – Associated Bodywork Massage Professionals

Member Number  45867

BA Special Education
New Jersey City University
Jersey City, NJ

Massage Therapy Certificate
Somerset School of Massage
Somerset, NJ

Certified Personal Trainer
World Instructor Training School
Piscataway, NJ

Kripalu Yoga Instructor
Lenox, MA

Member: Associated Bodyworker and Massage Professionals

Further Massage Therapy Studies

Massage therapist at the following Living Facilities:

The Windsor of Ocala – Assisted Living
Life Care of Ocala – Rehabilatative and Therapeutic Services
Ameritus – Assisted Living

I have many years of experience with the following conditions:

Injuries from car accidents
Spinal Chord Injuries
Sports Related Injuries